About Us

CIMVEN Integrated Systems

Provides cost effective products and services, keeping quality and industry standards at the peak of our minds in order to satisfy our esteemed customers. This in turn creates a positive multiplier effect on our customer’s profitability and productivity, as well as ours.
We design, procure, install and maintain firefighting, power supply and electrical network systems to meet industrial, commercial and residential standards. In addition, we supply various Oil&Gas equipment and industrial safety equipment, as well as provide QHSSE (Quality, Safety, Security and Environment) Consultancy services.

We possess a team of well grounded, experienced and qualified personnels in executing world class projects.



  • Integrity: We at CIMVEN uphold our word as it is our bond.
  • Safety: We do it Safe or not at all.
  • Quality: We conform to Industrial Standards and best Practices to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Sustainability: We secure our client business continuity by building dependable systems that withstands the test of time.